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Academic Integrity

Your instructor and Northeastern University are intolerant of any form of academic dishonesty. Cheating or plagiarism of any form will result in an automatic F for the course, and a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. You are expected to have read, and to follow at all times, the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Reasonable Accommodation

Students with documented learning disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodation in this class. If you need any such accommodation, please be in touch as early as possible.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices are not allowed in this class with the exception above. Using laptops or cell phones to access the Internet distracts you from learning and diminishes the collegiate experience for everyone. Research has shown that even notetaking on a laptop produces inferior learning outcomes to writing out notes by hand (Mueller & Oppenheimer, 2014). Permission to record lectures or discussions or to take notes via laptop will only be granted for the purposes of accommodating students with document disabilities for their personal educational use, and only upon written request.

Please set your phone to silent (not vibrate) before lectures begin. Anyone checking a phone in class may be asked to leave.

Can I have a grade reviewed?

If you’re unhappy with a grade, please do the following. Wait two days before doing anything. Re-read the assignment instructions. Write down a list of the reasons you are unhappy with the grade, and then a list of reasons you think that grade is given. Then come to see a TA or instructor in their office hours to discuss.