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There will be an in-class map quiz on Monday, September 18.

You should be able to locate all of the following items on an unlabelled map of the US that shows some rivers and state outlines, but nothing else. There’s an example of what that looks like on the website ( under Assignments. These places are easily found in any atlas or online. There should not be ambiguity about the place meant.

The quiz will select 20 of these randomly and ask you to identify them.


Identify with a dot in their precise location and a label adjacent.

States, etc.

Identify by shading in or drawing an outline around and labelling.

Rivers and mountains

Identify by writing the name on top of the feature and using arrows to indcate extent, if necessary.

Geographic Regions

Identify by drawing a line around the region. For the confederacy and the colonies, you should follow the contemporary state borders precisely; for the others, a rough sketch is appropriate.

Example of the map to be used

Example of the map to be used