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What is the largest source of your US history knowledge?

(e.g.: Junior Year of high school AP US course; elementary school; Nicholas Cage movies)

What’s the most interesting part of American History?

Pop Quiz!

Please identify, in seven words or fewer, the following people, places, or ideas. If you have no idea, put a question mark, or make an entertaining guess.

  1. John Jay

  1. William Tecumseh Sherman ```

3. Andrew Carnegie

4. Ida B. Wells

5. Rachel Carson

6. Donald Rumsfeld


  1. Roughly draw/label on this map the following places: Chicago, the Rocky Mountains, where the Cherokee nation originally lived, the Missouri river, Cincinatti, Washington DC, Oregon, and the Great Plains.
  1. Beside each of the following, put the year(s) as best you can:
  • World War I
  • The signing of the constitution
  • Boston is founded
  • Women can vote (constitutionally)
  • African-Americans can vote (constitutionally)
  • Northeastern is founded
  • Watergate