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The purposes of reading response prompts in this course is to ensure that you are able to understand and discuss the readings. Prompts will vary in form, but in general be graded on the following rubric:

Grading Rubric


Shows engagement with the reading, deep understanding of parts and a recognition of the student’s own limitations in the more difficult places, and the ability to draw useful connections between the text and others in the class.

May respond to only part of the prompt in an especially thoughtful way; or may respond to the entire prompt.

Shows signs of having done the readings, but misses important parts or only obliquely addresses the prompt. May only address one out of a few possible topics.


Engages with the question, but fails to adequately demonstrate that the reading has been done by not citing any specific instances


entirely avoids addressing the question while talking about some other aspect of the reading.

No credit

Absent or responding to an entirely different question.