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The most widely used platform for the creation of online events is Omeka, created at George Mason University.

As decided in class, we’re going to try and make a pop-up exhibition about The culture of absinthe, 1880-1922.

Task: Find and upload six items online for a preliminary exhibition on absinthe. Fill out appropriate metadata in the Omeka item.

Task Guidelines

Other options:

If you don’t just want to search for items, there are three other things you could do to knock off–let’s say three–of the items you need to find and upload. Choose 1 if you’d rather do this.

  1. If anyone would rather create an exhibit of existing things rather than upload an item, do so; an exhibit is a walk-through tour of several images on a single theme. It will be difficult to do this before Sunday, I imagine.
  2. If you want to adjust the stylings of the page to make it less ugly and use a different theme, you can do this. Don’t revert changes someone else has already made.
  3. If you want to just write a paragraph or two on an intro page about what this site is, that can work too.

Site Login Instructions

  1. Login to the site at
  2. Your username is your NEU username (e.g.; if your neu e-mail is, your username is ‘’)
  3. Your password is your last name as lowercase (or whatever precedes a dot in your neu username; for Marco Rubio, it would be ‘rubio’.
  4. You have administrator access, so if it works for one of you you may be able to create more accounts for each other.