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For our images week, I want to turn back a little more intensely to our discussion of images on the DPLA’s web site.

Algorithmic image manipulation remains quite hard–although photoshop works out-of-the-box, the sort of stuff we’re talking about this week mostly doesn’t.

Instead, I’m going to give you one of three choices; follow the one that interests you most.

  1. Try to install some image colorization software like the one we looked at in class, and create a gallery of images. This is going to be hard, but if you were to do a decent writeup of an interesting set–say, the Manzanar pictures or something else from the Library of Congress–I think a lot of people would be interested. Think of this as a public history attempt to draw attention to a set of photographs. Up to 4 people.

  2. Download a bunch of photographs from the Library of Congress’s news collections: I think the Bain collection would be the best choice. Run them into Apple Photos, or Google photos, or something else that has commercial facial-detection built in; see whether this is workable yet for extracting images of people in photos where they aren’t identified. (There are subdomains where this approach will work better; for instance, the LOC has loads of baseball photographs).

  3. The easy way out: Edit one of the three documents that we wrote in week two to extend it out or make it more comprehensive. This must not be the document that you yourself created.