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Due on November 9 by 5pm: A proposal for your final project. The project itself is due December 10, so this proposal should have you on your way.

This should be from a paragraph to a page, and should ideally incorporate language that can be incorporated into the project.

It’s probably a good idea to come by office hours on a Thursday ahead of time.

Given the amount of time that worksets and smaller projects take in this class, I do not expect that your final project will necessary carry the weight that a full seminar paper might.

The point is to productively extend your capacities to perform, present, or analyze historical research in a digital medium. The worksets have each set you down some particular path and then hauled you back to the starting line: the goal here is to pick one or two avenues and pursue them to the point that you’ve created something more substantial.

Group work is encouraged, particularly for public history students.

Some examples: