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Written work points.

All distributed assignments will include a fixed number of points for that assignment. Because of COVID I’m not willing to make promises about exactly what the point breakdown will be, since certain things–in particular, in-person archival research–may or may not be possible. But the general breakdown is likely to be something like the following.

  • Class report: 2 point
  • Archival presentation: 2 points
  • Archival Paper: 6 points
  • Advertisement exegesis: 2 points
  • Advertisement ontology: 1 points
  • Short final paper (Op-Ed): 3 points.

That adds up to fifteen points, so the value of the archival paper would be (6/15) * 0.55.

Work is generally graded with letters.

A means 95, A- means 92, B+ means 88, and so on.

Unexcused late work will be penalized at a rate of one-third of a letter grade for every 48 hours it is late.

The end of this syllabus includes a longer description of what sort of work will receive an “A,” a “B,” and so forth.