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Points: 3 points per the syllabus.

This course will have a take home final in the form of an editorial. You will produce a short (1100-1300 words) piece of writing that tackles a contemporary problem marshalling evidence from this class.

Due: December 16th, 9pm. This course’s final is scheduled for December 16; it should take no more than 12 hours to work on this, honor system. Students with permission from the Moses Center are entitled to accomodations and should contact me.

You may write an opening paragraph of up to 100 words before the final window begins. If you wish to discuss your topic, send a draft opening paragraph (no more than 3-4 sentences) over e-mail to me AND send me () a Google calendar invite on December 13, 14, or 15 over Zoom.

If you would prefer a different 12 hour block, please let me know.

Choose one argument.

  1. Has the pandemic revealed new needs around data privacy?
  2. Is big tech too powerful? Do you have a plan to rein it in?
  3. Why should the public believe scientists about vaccines/climate change/evolution/etc.?
  4. How much information should national governments collect about their citizens?
  5. How should social activists use data and visualization?
  6. What are the big investment opportunities of the next two decades in tech?

These are huge topics. But: this is a class paper, and you must anchor your arguments in historical examples, primarily from this class.

I care about the force of your arguments, but much more about your ability to weave in evidence from class.

As a rubric:

20%: presence and clarity of argument 50%: use and understanding of appropriate materials from class 10%: Organization and quality of writing 20%: Creativity/originality in argument and/or use of sources. (i.e.; probably don’t use the same sources the same way.)

Submit as PDF (not word, not pages–PDF!) over Brightspace.