Circle Packing

Sep 01 2020

I’ve been doing a lot of my data exploration lately on Observable Notebooks, which is–sort of–a Javascript version of Jupyter notebooks that automatically runs all the code inline. Married with Vega-Lite or D3, it provides a way to make data exploration editable and shareable in a way that R and python data code simply can’t be; and since it’s all HTML, you can do more interesting things.

Of course, that leaves all that writing on their site, where it will likely eventually vanish. I’m generally willing to live with that. But it’s also nice to be embed the charts over here, even if they’ll die when Observable does.

The observable version of this page will almost certainly look better, but you can get a quick idea of the contents below.

{{< observablenotebook “/notebooks/transitioning-between-circle-packs-historical-us-electio.js” >}}