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I last looked at the H-Net job numbers about a month ago. [Read complete post...]
History Jobs Update Oct 01 2020
Out of a train-wreck curiosity about what's been happening to the historical profession, I've been watching the numbers on tenure-track hiring as posted on H-Net, one of the major venues for listing history jobs. [Read complete post...]
I wrote this year's report on history majors for the American Historical Association's magazine, Perspectives on History; it takes a medium term view of at the significant hit the history major has taken since the 2008 financial crisis. You can read it here. [Read complete post...]
I have a new article in the Atlantic about declining numbers for humanities majors. [Read complete post...]
I put up a new post at Sapping Attention about how bad the decline in humanities majors has been since 2013. In short, it's been bad enough to make me recant earlier statements of mine about the long-term health of the humanities discipline. [Read complete post...]