What are you going to do with that degree?

Jobs by college major

This is a quick Sankey visualization of how college majors relate to professions, based on data from the American Community survey. On the left are the largest college majors; to the right are the most common professions.

The majors here have been aggregated into broad fields; to see the original census categories, visit the primary version of this page.

The width of each stream shows how many people with that major are in that field. The color shows whether that's more or fewer people than expected based on how big the major is: hover over to see just how many more it is.

You surely see that the lines are too small to understand in most cases: to actually see what's going on with a particular field or job, double click on a box and the chart will filter down to just the people who either majored in the field, or ended up employed in the job. (click on one of the connecting lines to see both at once)

I have not developed this that far because I am not sure how useful it ultimately is: my basic goal was a quick way to see, for example, what jobs history majors ended up in. (Largest is lawyers, but also schoolteachers; what you would expect, but worth knowing.)

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Made by Ben Schmidt using D3; heavily reusing code from here.