Bachelor's Degrees in 2011

This chart shows all Bachelor's degrees in the United States in 2011, classified by their CIP code.

I've added one super-layer on top that isn't in the CIP classification: where table 289
of the digest of education statistics puts them. You'll see that most of the degrees in the humanities may not be what you (or more importantly, organizations like the NEH) consider "humanities." (And history is classed out of the humanities).
This is why I recommend people not use table 289 to chart the relative status of the humanities; you just end up looking mostly at interdisciplinary groups and arts majors. Click on any rectangle to see subcategories of it, and hover to get the number of BAs in that field.
Sorry about the issues with text being overwritten; NCES uses long class names.
Made by Ben Schmidt.
More than usual, I'm just shameless cribbing Mike Bostock's code to make this work.
See also my historical chart of degrees, which uses a less refined set of categories from the NSF, but allows exploration across time and individual schools.