Big Data Links

Final Session

Includes several previous slides again, the Human Genome Project, the Panopticon, and a link to This American Life.


Includes images of Edward Snowden and of the NSA surveillance Documents

Machine Learning

Includes the infamous “cat-face” neuron, Chomsky, and the Google Flu algorithms.

The age of Google

Includes early slides on Xerox PARC interface and the street view of the Google Data Center

Home Computing

(Slides from Punch Cards to Personal Computers with hippie computing, Steve Jobs, and early spreadsheets).

November 7: The mainframe age

(Slides with mainframe computer images)

Youtube video of IRS data processing.

Surveying and Surveilling

Includes slides on Sarah Igo’s Lynds, Gallup, and Kinseys;

October 17: Meritocracy

(Slides with Clark Kerr’s speech and Mario Savio’s response).

October 7: Fordism

Slides (and link to Modern Times on YouTube)

October 4: Taylorism


September 30: The Census


Late 19th-century Crisis of Control.

Slides. (Including credit-rating agencies and Railroad organizational charts)

September 26: Slavery

Angelina Grimke

American Slavery as it Is.

A map with links to some runaway slave ads. Here’s a particular newspaper page. Here’s another one, and another one.

September 23

Slides (mostly on double-entry bookkeeping).

September 19

Slides on Visualization

September 16

Foucault photograph

Diderot’s Tree of Knowledge

A modern schematic of language

September 12

Catesby’s geese

Diderot’s Tree of Knowledge


Regnum Animale

Red Mulberry and thistle (Urtica dioica)

Virginia Birds

Placcius’s Cage (from Blair, Too Much to Know)

Republic of Letters (Stanford)