Digital Presence for grad students

Some links for the NU grad student professional development workshop on building a digital presence.

Basic presence

For a basic but permanent place, sign up for and post your CV and papers.

For non-academic tracks, LinkedIn may make sense as well.

To build your own site, is a good place to start: and think about buying a domain name from the beginning.

Creating connections online

Twitter can give you surprising proximity to people you’d have to mob at a conference. Follow, to quote Jen Guilliano, “anyone with ideas and everyone with jobs.”

To start your own blog, is again the best bet. But also seek out and follow group blogs in your field; most academics don’t blog alone for the long term. Commenting can have surprising results.

Some people still use older ways; they might be the most important ones. See if you can participate on H-net.

For an example of how well developed you can get, check out Scott Weingart’s site.