Choose two visualizations from the "Bostonography" blog. What would Edward Tufte have to say about them? For example, they might show a beautiful application of one of his principles; they might fail because they haven't absorbed one of his lessons; or, they might depart from Tuftean principles but succeed nonetheless, showing the limits of Tufte's vision.

(If you wish, you may incorporate critiques that Drucker, in the optional reading for today, might make.)

Turn in at 12:59pm.

Discussion I

Assemble into groups that

  1. Are as large as possible.
  2. Do not have two maps within 60 years of each other in them.

Group task

Pull up your individual maps and talk about how you would design a literal 3d map.

  • 3d printing a single object
  • Laser cutting a multitude of layers.