Higher Education

I’ve had a fair amount to say about the so-called “crisis in the humanities” and some explanations of why it might be overstated. You can read some news coverage of my findings at (among places) The New RepublicInside Higher Ed, and the New York Times.

More recently, I made an interactive site with information about college majors in the United States to help make some of that degree data more accessible to those who don’t want to muck around the original data sources.

In 2007, I wrote a paper with Matt Chingos, published in PS, describing a method for ranking graduate programs based on their placement record; you can download a copy here. It was also covered in an Inside Higher Ed article.

Before graduate school, I helped create the first draft of Humanities Indicators at the American Academy of Arts and Science’s Humanities Indicators Project. The current website includes a lot of that research.