Brief Rumination on Discontinuities, “the Order of Things”

50, Establishing Discontinuities, on Iteration Order

Segregating any given set of data is denoted to be capricious -for per the yearning of omniscience (which is a robust drive for preserving integrity of mind for practicality) human coronates perceived pattern as the finest structure of existence, rather than dissecting data into its quantum units.

What captured my attention was: in the text, the basis of segregation (of data) is iterated after the presence of the aspects of segregation (segregated span’s end points) along with an idealistic “right” for conceiving such segregation. If basis is presumed to be subsidiary, then it can be stated that absolutization** of patterns extracted from puerile cognizance*** precedes inferring from these extracted patterns.

A corollary would be that yearning of omniscience drives individual into absolutization rather than inference -and since the latter (inference) is the salutary action for molding pattern into practical application, it can be presumed that yearning of omniscience contradicts with iself. To elucidate, yearning of omniscience, which is derived for practicality of survival, may take the course of absolutizing a pattern that is detrimental (or not optimal) for the end of survival. This seeming contradiction can be solved by the synthesis: cerebral omnipotence is the primary aim -material practicality is merely ancillary to preserve the host of the thought in equanimity. Conclusively, sufficiency in itself, as sufficiency by the act of thinking -solipsism- is the culminating point. Per utility, motive for solipsism can be utilized to analyze underlying causes in cerebral decisions.

* Segregation of data is induced form of discussed delimiting of history.
** “absolutization” is rendering a concepting into absolute truth within self’s conception. Absolutization of patterns is achieved through ascribing a self-sufficient validity to these patterns wherein any form of arbitrary evidence that can interact with the pattern is presumed to accede with the pattern per default. Hence, pattern requires no deliberation on validity, is present by itself. Conclusively, it is rendered into an empirical fact and conveyed into a concrete analysis, as empirically measuring its end points, rather than an abstract analysis.
*** defined on the previous response

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