Paul Carey’s Response to Leuchtenberg

I thought that Leuchtenberg’s quote about the need to appeal to the masses of the world is actually a very interesting concept. This is an issue that we still deal with today. He hits upon various negative aspects of Communism, Fascism, and Capitalism all at separate times. Though in the quote on page 39, it doesn’t necessarily matter what political system is implemented. What matters it the fact that the people that are ruled by this system can live a life that they determined is worthy of living. Each different system has its perks and disadvantages, and ultimately make them the enemies. Though from Leuchtenberg’s quote, I feel as though he believes it isn’t a matter of what you believe is right, its is a principle of what the people who are witnessing it believe.

Leuchtenberg does make a good point in showing the perks and negatives of capitalism. While capitalism does have its obvious issues, such as the repetitive issues of inflation, supply, demand, and employment, there are ways of getting around such issues. There are multiple arguments that can be made for the individual programs that were created for the New Deal. Though in theory, the combination of all the above is what truly helped the United States recover from the economic crash.

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