Carnegie / Sumner

Carnegie saw wealth as something that a person had to work for, and as a constant battle to maintain. Carnegie came from a poor family and worked hard to achieve his wealth. it could also be said that he felt that he was given an opportunity when he was young and felt it was his duty to give others the means to be successful as well. giving a good portion of his wealth to philanthropic agencies was his way of giving back.

Sumner’s belief that  society held two classes of either rich or poor and that society at the time was unable to see the other classes of people , just like today it seems that the only ones that are seen are the haves or the have nots.

I do believe like Carnegie that  if you are successful it is because of your own hard work, and maintaining your way of life is a constant struggle, I do not believe that it is societies place to support the ones who refuse to support themselves. it is a persons moral compass that should guide them on how to help the less fortunate.  if you are able,  you should help with providing opportunities   to the less fortunate to help themselves.

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