Solitude of Self- Paul Carey

I found it very interesting in the literary devices that Elizabeth Cady Stanton used. Her speech starts off, and ends both in a religious light. Though what I found to be a large substance of her speech was about the social norms that were associated with the feminist movement of the early 20th century. Stanton even seems to contradict herself in the following paragraph with the following quote “… in the religion she is asked to believe”. While I do believe her actions align with the Protestant movement, I think her designation of her movement and religious beliefs are flawed.

A large theme in Stanton’s speech was also the idea of self dependence. This correlates to many of the progressive movements, especially the feminist like Stanton. From birth to death we are taught how to rely on ourselves. Throughout lives we have times of dependence on other people, though. This process is ongoing. As children, we are more susceptible to the evils of societal nature. As we learn, we grow, and this aligns itself with the suffrage movement that Stanton supports so much.

Woman are brought up not only learning how to do the Domestic necessities in a home, but are also taught a myriad of other items in the process. Man is taught to protect his woman along the way, as well as his children. Now women must pass along these moral, ideas, and behaviors to their children. Inferring from Stanton’s speech, this process in itself is more than enough to show where women can fit in on an educated and intellectual basis. This process is not for the common soul, rather for one that is evolved and able to properly teach. I think Stanton has a good point with the aspect of her speech. If one would like to accurately teach their offspring certain ideals, than they must possess it themselves primarily.

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