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Hello, world. The course is slowing coming online. See the syllabus outline for a description of the aims of the class: the first paragraphs are here.

Our course time is currently looking to be Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:00. Tuesday afternoons might also be a possibility. Anyone who has any predispositions on behalf of particular times should contact me at {}, at {}.

Data analysis in the humanities presents challenges of scale, interpretation, and communication distinct from the social sciences or sciences. It also, some argue, opens up new opportunities for creative storytelling and narrativity. This seminar will explore the emerging pratices of data analysis in the digital humanities from both a critical and a practical perspective.

What light can algorithmic approaches shed on live questions in humanistic scholarship? What new forms of research are enabled by the use of data? What sort of data do practicing humanists want museums and libraries to make available?

Our goal in this class will be to explore the new emerging forms of data analysis taking place in humanities scholarship, both in terms of applying algorithms and in terms of better investigating the presuppositions and biases of the digital object. We’ll aim to come out much more sophisticated in the use of computational techniques and much more informed about how others might use them.

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